As a naturopath I have always been fascinated by the teachings of Paracelcus. Together with my colleague Dr. Wolfgang Schafferer, I developed the this spagyric anti-virus tincture.

Although it mostly derives from the expertise and experience of Paracelsus, the tincture may be individually modified based on calculations from your first name and date of birth.

Here is a brief introduction to the spagyric essences of the anti-virus tincture according to “Matthew”

Physical aspect: strengthens the entire immune system flu-like symptoms or “malaria-like”, yellowish complexion of malaria sufferers, after a stay abroad – liver – stomach andrespiratory diseases. China is also nerve-effective and influences neuralgic pain symptoms, especially in the head and throat area and much more.

Energy aspect: Supports the Chi, life energy (the spleen is one of the five main organs according to Chinese medicine. Prevents humans from being hostile and threatening. This results in various fears, e.g. in crowds or of being injured by others.

Physical aspect: The Echinacea primarily support the activity of the immune system in viral or bacterial infections and in viral diseases. • Strong anti-inflammatory properties • Can be used both preventively and in the presence of an infection, allows the intensity of the symptoms to be reduced and the duration of the illness

Energetic aspect: Echinacea angustifolia symbolizes the body, the body of the mother Eva, in which the father’s spirit (Echinacea pallida) and the soul of man (Echinacea purpurea) are incarnated

Physical aspect: In the legend, the plant is considered a gift from heaven. Anti-infectious properties Virus & pathogenic bacteria of the LUNGE Accompanying treatment of cancer and AIDS 

Energy aspect: Liberation and freedom: removes everything that overloads us, even poisons us, everything that causes illness in our body and thus enables our excretory organs to function properly. Influences that the old is changed, eliminates impurities, dead cells (the past ) and the blockages

Physical aspect: liberation and lat. “Coccus”, spherical bacterium, allusion to their inhibitory effect in case of strong infections e.g. In fours, or bacteria, and their mutations.

Energetic aspect: immunostimulating on a physical level, Eleutherococcus also immunizes on an energetic level and thus enables consistency, resonance, harmony with the universe.


It is said that he has developed an effective remedy for the plague – a pill made from batter with herbs that he gave to the sick. He considered magical or “mental powers” important for the healing process.

PARACELSUS, wrote a lot of medical, natural history, astrological and theological writings. He recognized that external influences play a major role in the development of many diseases and can be combated with spagyric drugs. He is considered one of the forefathers of modern pharmacy. All things are poison and nothing without poison – just the dose makes that a thing is not poison. It is abbreviated as “Only the dose makes the poison” (“Sola dosis facit venenum”).

 According to my prescription, these special mixtures are manufactured to the highest standards by one of the most renowned Austrian pharmacies and are supervised by Dr. Wolfgang Schafferer.

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These properties listed above are based on empirical values from human medicine, universities, pharmacies and therefore do not represent a healing promise in the sense of conventional medicine. Spagyric essences do not replace a visit to a doctor or other recognized organizations, health centers, hospitals ect. Spagyric essences mainly serve to activate their self-healing powers and improve their well-being. Furthermore, no guarantee is given by the Association of Science in these, should the desired effect or state of health not occur.

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