Wissenschaft der Spagyrik

hermeticHerbal fragrance oil / winter A fragrance oil that is unique and refined in its production and mode of action. 7 selected spagyric medicinal herbal essences are used as the basis. Every season has a natural deficit for humans which is balanced and optimised by this herbal oil

  • This noble fragrance – strengthens the emotional level of the heart.
  • A beneficial and calming effect for children and elderly people
  • With concentration problems – with mental dullness
  • aphrodisiac properties help revitalize desire
  • highly antibacterial – ideal for office apartments
  • Due to the spagyric medicinal herbs & 100% natural oil, it can be used questionably for skin and face care, they wrap themselves in an incomparable fragrance charisma.
Wissenschaft der Spagyrik

Important information according to Paracelsus

Origin in many cultures
Side – interactions
Classifications in YIN and YANG
How do you get “Essential Oils”?



1 * 110 ml + a noble glass cylinder
Practical tip put “1 – 3 drops or 1 – 3 strokes” of the herbal fragrance oil in suitable containers. Use: siehe


Herbal fragrance oil

15 + 2 =

spagy. Duftöl
Wissenschaft der Spagyrik