Hand Care & Skin Care Oil
Due to the constant but necessary disinfection of the hands, the natural protective barrier of the hands suffers enormously.

A special manufacturing process with 7 selected spagyric medicinal herbs creates a highly effective refined hand care & skin care oil. 

It gives your hands the skin noticeably more softness, suppleness and an anti-aging effect. Spagyric medicinal herbs also have an essential oil component and also develop the following aspects

  • Visible improvement in pigment spots
  • This noble oil – strengthens- opens the emotional level of the heart
  • A beneficial and calming effect for children and elderly people
  • Promotes elasticity in the skin, reduces wrinkles
  • According to Paracelsus a fountain of yout

Scope of services:

1 * 110 ml + a noble glass cylinder to spray on

Application: Massage gently with oil and suitable as a scented oil, see

Side effects: The basic carrier is 100% almond oil & spagyric medicinal herbs, so it can also be used safely for small children and young people (acne)

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110 ml Hand-ÖL